Five Bicolanas We Wished Were Our Real-Life Titas

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Powerful, wonderful Bicolanas we’d love to be our Tita.

We know our relatives are irreplaceable, but getting to know these Titas, the struggle is real. Here’s five of the Bicolanas you’ll meet in Tita Nirvana.

Noreen San Luis-Lutey
📍 Pili, Camarines Sur
📕 Regional Director, LTO Region V

The only woman fit for the job of streamlining initiatives for the region’s transportation sector is her, literally. 

From maneuvering trucks and drafting fun activities (Hello Students Today, Road Users Tomorrow/STRUT!) to involve as many Bicolanos as possible in improving the experience of going through the bloodline of the region—our highways—she’s a one-woman show we love. 

Imagining her as your Tita arriving in ten-wheeler truck showing you how to park (and drive) responsively? Fabulous.

Check her out on Instagram and Facebook!
Helena Alegre
📍 Paracale, Camarines Norte
📕 Jewelry Designer, Helena Alegre Sculptural Jewelry

The Tita you’d be happy to see on Christmas Day, especially if you love artisanal jewelry is your decked-in-all-black, headband-sporting Tita Helena. 

She flies between her shop in Camarines Norte and her studio in Manila bringing with her an insane assortment of accouterments one could only describe as interplanetary!

If you haven’t seen her around, it’s because she wanted to keep everything private and as intimate as possible—from private shows to personal visits to clients—far from bazaars.

We’re imagining little trinkets with filigree details and Sarimanok/Lepidoptera elements for Christmas, Tita! Please?!

Check out her works on Instagram and Facebook!

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Kaye Revil
📍 Masbate City, Masbate
📕 Vice Governor, Province of Masbate

Who in their right minds would elect an ultra-chic, Harvard-schooled Lawyer and Mom of four to be the Vice Governor of Masbate? The Masbateños, of course, and we’re green with envy.

We ain’t starting on her notable achievements in office because that would take a lot of time, but if Masbate needs a face to promote itself in ways more than its beautiful beaches and Rodeo Festival, we have our winning Tita.

Oh Tita Kaye, we’re ready to do the hashtag #MasBetKoSaMasbate with you!

Check out fabulous, fabulous feed on Instagram and Facebook!
Med Villanueva
📍 Legazpi City, Albay
📕 Co-founder, Shelmed Cottage Treasures

The woman who is the other half of a couple who brought to the fore abaca production in Albay happens to be the Tita we all wanted to have.

We could listen for days with no end about the day she opened the doors of her cottage industry (Shelmed Cottage Treasures) in the seventies and how it eventually lead to providing livelihood to hundreds.

An inspiring piece of work, you’d say, hearing about her stories of winning against the game of globalization and reinvention.

If you’re thinking of the hashtag #MedInBicol because you think it’s appropriate, we could not agree more.

Check her out on Facebook, and later, visit the Shelmed website.
Ping Federis
📍 Naga City, Camarines
📕 Organic Farmer and former Fashion Model

There are models and then there are supermodels.

There are Titas, and then there’s Tita Ping.

If you’ve read through glossies in the eighties, you’d come across her face, and wouldn’t it be fabulous to jump up and down screaming at a spread featuring snippets from runway shows of European fashion houses because your Tita is on it?

Wouldn’t it be cool to imagine your Tita in the same room as fellow supe Anna Bayle pulling off the best Givenchy mood no one else can?

Your friends can brag for days of owning the latest Chanel bags but you have your Tita Ping.

That, my friend, is worth thousands of Chanels.

Check her out on Facebook!

Images from their respective Facebook accounts. This story is originally published in our former website,

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