Learn cooking from the locals (and eat with them too!)

Naga City
Strategically located in the heart of Bicolandia, Naga City is a bustling metropolis filled with sights, sounds, and sizzles.
Little Pecuaria Farm
Rustic, serene: a picturesque location on top of a hill outside Naga City. Learn how to cook laing with the locals.
Mt. Mayon is not the only one that's majestic in the province of Albay—their dishes are also a must for every visitor!
Ligao and Guinobatan, Albay
A hidden gem and fun "drive-through" en route to Legazpi: Albay's iconic snacks.
Sorsogon Province
Located at the southern tip of Luzon, the ecological and unique cuisine that this province has to offer is a delightful discovery.
Best of Bicol Food Tour
A unique gastronomic experience. Madya! (Come!)
Sample Itinerary

Madya! (Come!)

Delight your taste buds and other senses with what the region has to offer. Bicol is a place exploding with a variety of flavors and culture reflected in the unique cuisine exclusively found in her quaint towns and barrios.
Visit the finest destinations to experience Bicol cuisine, learn straight from the locals, notable chefs and experts from the region. Hear wonderful stories behind the people and communities that help make the region a must-visit.

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The Best of Bicol Food Tour is a gateway to learn, taste and experience the different flavors of the region.

Local restaurants such as Qué Pasa Naga and Casa Soriano offer a glimpse into the city's rich culinary heritage.

Tasting The Region

The largest province in Bicol, Camarines Sur welcomes this tour at the beginning. This place has given birth to cuisines notably distinct from one town to the next.

The Camarines Sur itinerary pays a visit to Naga City, and the towns of Baao and Bula.

The Local's Finest

Savor a steaming bowl of Kinalas, Naga’s very own Bicolano ramen, for breakfast.

Get to know some of Bicol’s homegrown produce with a tour of the Naga City Public Market.

Lola Sayong's famous Smoked Fish Out of Hell
Bidibidi employs the local wommen community of the town where she is from, providing livelihood.

Art From The Heart

The towns surrounding Naga City are notable for having cottage industries producing products that are export-quality.

Visit Bidi-Bidi Cafe and get to know Bidi de los Santos, an artist and philantropist from Baao, as she shares her wonderful works of art. Have a healthy serving of the Banana Blossom Burger at her cafe while you’re there too!

Cook Your Own Laing

Learn how to cook laing straight from the locals in a special cooking class by Que Rica, set against a picturesque background of rolling hills in Little Pecuaria Farm.

Listen to the secrets that only locals know--and make sure to keep notes!
Bicol's iconic dish is a study of contrasts. It is simple, yet complex and rustic yet delicate!
When history meets local culture—the Laing Paella!

Dinner With A View

Just in time for sunset, end the night with a beautiful dinner with a view at the Little Pecuaria Farm in Bula, Camarines Sur. Enjoy a dinner under the stars and reward your taste buds with homecooked Bicolano dishes and a helpful serving of the Laing Paella, a Bicolano-Spanish fusion dish.

From A Closer Angle

Albay’s cuisine is distinctively different from Camarines Sur even though both heavily uses coconut milk. Watch a cooking demonstration of various dishes native to this province with the majestic Mt. Mayon as the backdrop.

Enjoy a feast of dishes native to Albay prepared by Socorro’s Lakeside Restaurant at Sumlang Lake.

The beginnings of Albay's staple dish, the pinangat.

Straight From The Waters

In the town of Pilar, Sorsogon, uni (sea urchins) and lato (sea grapes) abound. Delight yourself with a fresh harvest and experience a culinary journey like no other.

“I have always known Bicol to have great food, but I didn’t expect them to be varied. In just a few days, I got schooled in the abundant and full-flavored cuisine of the region.”

Angelo Comsti

Author and columnist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Best Of Bicol Food Tour experience will make you see Bicol in another perspective—and a tasteful one at that!