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Bicolano Bar Top-notchers Through The Years

April 30, 2020 People
Since 1930, a total of seven (7) Bicolanos have bagged one of the most coveted titles in the Philippines: a bar exam first-place top-notcher.
christian-fregnan-fo9sI5v_Srs-unsplash (2)

Departures, Distances, Diaspora: Leaving Home

March 30, 2017 Essays
Scaling the distances in centimeters of longing, Martin General writes about home.
Another temple outside the Temple of the Emrald Buddha

From BKL to BKK: One Bikolana Takes The Bangkok Route

April 28, 2017 Destinations
Daphne takes us on a beautiful ride along Bangkok’s streets.

The Bicol Express Longganisa Has Arrived

May 20, 2020 Food, Uncategorized
The long wait is over and the Bicol Express is here to stay--as a longganisa!

Albay’s Cafes: Four Of Our Favorites

May 3, 2017 Food
Say, “Albay everything on the chalkboard menu, please.” lols

Legaz-Tipid: Weekend Adventures for 2 Under 500

May 9, 2017 Destinations
Because being kuripot isn’t entirely bad at all.

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