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Emi Salgado

Kinalas, Interrupted

Pondering on Naga City’s famous Kinalas (local ramen) these social distancing days and the absence thereof.

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Twelve Books From Bicol We’re Binge-Reading This Lockdown

March 21, 2020 Arts & Culture
We asked fellow Bikolanos the twelve books published recently from the region that's perfect for days. Like. These.

Try and Triathlon Until You Succeed: Bicol’s Three Triathlon Thrills

April 12, 2017 People
Three faces whose paces are measured by the sweetest of sweats. Meet the region’s iron-lined icons.
VP-Leni-Featured-Image 1

VP Leni: A Story Of Hope

April 24, 2020 People
Grit, resilience, and a sense of community: VP Leni Robredo and our story of hope in these times.

There’s a Facebook Group Called “Bicol V.S NCR Trash Talk” And We Are Amused

March 30, 2020 People
At home and online, we're making popcorns and entertaining ourselves at all the action present in this hilarious, NSFW page.

What We Didn’t Like At The Artful Albay Exhibit

June 10, 2017 Arts & Culture
We didn’t like any of it because WE. LOVED. EVERYTHING.

How To Survive As A Gay Guy In Calaguas

May 17, 2017 Destinations
More like Bakla-Aguas.

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