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Emi Salgado

Kinalas, Interrupted

Pondering on Naga City’s famous Kinalas (local ramen) these social distancing days and the absence thereof.

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Coconut Milk’s Antiviral Properties: Some Details

March 13, 2020 Food
The country's recent viral crisis has lead us to read more about coconut milk's immune-boosting properties

Spruce Up Your Space With Found Objects

March 2, 2020 Arts & Culture
Interior Designer Ben Nasayao studies the objects and accents that could seamlessly work with creative spaces.

What We Didn’t Like At The Artful Albay Exhibit

June 10, 2017 Arts & Culture
We didn’t like any of it because WE. LOVED. EVERYTHING.

Balik-Probinsya Careers To Explore When You’re Back In The Province

May 23, 2020 Essays
Leave a congested city like Manila behind and head home for a career in the province.

Yukie Sarto: The Bicolano Fashion Photographer

March 5, 2020 People
The Vogue Italia Digital-published fashion photographer talks about his craft and his roots in Buhi.

Five Bicolanas We Wished Were Our Real-Life Titas

April 20, 2017 People
Powerful, wonderful Bicolanas we'd love to be our Tita.

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